Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Things Miles will never know....

Today, I read that by the end of the year that all the rest of the Blockbuster stores will be closing.  This lead to me to think about what Miles will never know existed.  The things he will tilt his head and give me the "huh look?" when I talk about.

Renting movies- you know, circling the store with your friends, deciding which movie your parents won't be mad if you rent. Debating who's rental card it will be rented with, and where you will watch it.  One of your friends may have had to call and check with his parents if the movie was okay, on his Nokia phone.

Hear a busy signal- Miles won't get to experience that nail biting, 2-second pause before the phone rings or goes to the busy signal when he calls his best friend to see if he wants to run over and play. He won't experience the joy of calling back 10 seconds later. Or,  discovering the redial feature.

He will never sit in front of a boom box waiting for just the right moment when his favorite version of (My Heart Will Go On --compete with movie clips) comes on the radio, just so he can press record on the tape player portion. He won't know the excitement that goes with recording all but two seconds of his favorite song. He won't feel the frustrating of the tape running out, just before the song is over.

Miles will never see an unedited/bad photo of himself.  He will never flip through the family album and think 'why is there only half of my arm in this picture". His mom will have deleted those. He will never have red eyes. His pictures will be carefully cropped, blurred, and brightened. He will also never wait at the one-hour Wal-Mart to see what treasures await him in a roll of film fresh from the latest church camp-- where there is sure to be one of your favorite guy pal's eye ball.

Miles will never get to lick the stamp when we mail our electricity bill. Or 50, for the Christmas cards.

Miles will never wait as he listens to dial-up internet sounds, praying for a quick collection and fast stars shooting across the Netscape logo. He won't go to MapQuest, and print of directions to the weekend's canoe trip.  He won't get to ride shotgun and try to follow those written directions and accompanying map.

Miles won't know the agony of missing his favorite TV show. He won't understand the frustration when his parents aren't sympathetic to fact that it's Jonathon Taylor Thomas' last episode of Home Improvement and he doesn't want to go see his Great Aunt. It will simply be waiting back at home for his viewing convenience and he can skip the commercials.

Miles may not know a time when marriage was between just a man and woman, he may always remember marijuana being as legal as cigarettes.  He won't know a time before information about everything is literally at his finger tips. He's going to grow up in a great and scary (for me) time I'm sure. I can't wait to see what developments his lifetimes holds.

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