Monday, November 4, 2013

Miles first Halloween (and a cousin visit)

Miles has a very successful first Halloween. I am not one of the people who take their baby house to house to secure mountains of candy. (although I do not judge you if you do) But I wanted him to trick or treat, purely for the pictures and because it was his first Halloween. 

Miles went as the ever popular Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo.  When  Trevor and I decided this would be his first Halloween costume, we had no idea that apparently the Ninja Turtles had made a comeback! We picked it because we both enjoyed the cartoon growing up, and mainly because we had everything we needed to make the costume for free! Except a pair of nunchucks, which we got on amazon for a whopping $.87! Score!

(costume before 'renovations'
Am I the type of mom who would reuse an old dog turtle costume? Yes!

So we prearranged with some great friends to go trick-or-treating at their houses.  What amazing friends we have. Miles didn't receive one bit of candy. Instead he got a new book, some awesome socks, and a variety of baby food in fun flavors that mean ol' mom just doesn't buy. What a great first Halloween!
As if that wasn't enough fun the weekend was capped off by his cousins coming to visit!
I can't wait until Miles is old enough to join in the shenanigans! Overall, a great end to October/beginning of November! What a good time to be a 6 month old!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Miles in that last pic with Connor's hand on his face is TOO precious!