Thursday, July 3, 2014

38 weeks

I'm sitting in my townhouse listening to the kids play outside. Currently they are 'ordering from McDonalds' right outside my door. It's pretty hilarious to listen to what they are ordering, and how much the other kid playing the cashier is charging them.  It's surprisingly accurate!

Miles is upstairs taking a short nap so he can see Trevor after work tonight. So Hazel and I are sitting downstairs trying to do my homework.  I say trying, because it's not getting done very quickly. I've never been 38 weeks pregnant before.  At 37 weeks when I had Miles I thought I was going to combust. Maybe it was because I was teaching full time, or maybe the high blood pressure did have an effect on the way I felt.  This go-round I don't feel as uncomfortable. My only complaint is the pelvic pain I've had the entire second half of this pregnancy. I've self-diagnosed it as Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction because it is word-for-word what the internet says that feels like. Maybe I'm just a wimp, who knows.

We've been getting to see Miss Hazel via ultrasound every Wednesday, thank you very much high glucose numbers. It's neat to get to watch her breathe and move around in there. She is pretty cute up there on the screen. I can't really tell how close I'm getting to labor. The ultrasound tech tells me I'm measuring ahead. The  doctor says my cervix is still long.  He always ends my visits with: see you in a week....or before in labor and delivery! Babies are unpredictable.

Here's to hoping she decides she'd like to be like her mom: early or on time. 

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