Friday, July 25, 2014

2 weeks/15 months

You are 15 months old. You are more fun by the day. You love to copy whatever we are doing.  You will try to mimic sounds/words and pretty much every action. The funny thing is, you don't forget and we catch you doing some of the silly things days after we showed you.  You also like to observe before you try yourself. I can almost see your little brain working.  It's so much fun to be your mom.  You are 24lbs according to your last doctor's appointment. Your head is still huge. Your eyes are still big and blue, and your hair is still barely there. Your Auntie Tai helped me out and trimmed it over your ears because it was starting to grow over them. You still aren't walking, but I think you will soon. We love you.
You are 2 weeks old. You weigh right at 8lbs.  You've gained a whole pound since you went to your 2 day old appointment! You certainly can eat.  Some nights you sleep 2 hours at a time, some nights you sleep 4 hours at a time.  You are staying awake longer and longer each day.  You still like to try to lift your own head and turn it to look at things.  You are a strong baby! I have no doubt you will be mobile long before your brother was.  You like to swing and lounge on the boppy.  I know it will not be long until you have your own opinion about things.  You had about 3 nights were you were fussy from 5-7pm but you've been doing better at crying less.  I'm sure all our neighbors are thrilled, I know we are!


  1. I'm not sure this will make you feel better, however Molly was super collicky but we overcame it! Maybe it's a girl thing? They are so cute together!