Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 weeks/16months

You are seven weeks old. We weighed you yesterday and you weighed 11 lbs! I wonder how much more you will pack on before your 2 month appointment.  I've been really trying to study you lately, last night I noticed that you make the same movements with your mouth that your brother did. I wonder if that's something that all babies do, or just Howard babies. I'm trying to commit some of your mannerisms to memory because baring a miracle; you will be our last baby. :) You are still waking up once at night, between 2am-4am. I think you will drop that feeding soon. You also started smiling at the end of last week. It's happening more frequently, but I've yet to catch it on camera.
Miles and Hazel's cousins also came this weekend.  Miles loved playing with them, and Audrey may be his favorite person. He was not shy about hugging/kissing/reaching for her. They played with toys, went swimming and just generally enjoyed seeing each other. Miles is about the same weight as his 3 year old cousin. His head is bigger than both of theirs!

 This was Miles after they left:: out for the count. He's still recovering from the excitement!

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