Monday, August 30, 2010

All my favorite things..

This weekend, I got to do all my favorite things!

It all started with camping with my TH and our friends.
The B's and the H's spent an awesome weekend at Lake Arbuckle in their newly aquired pop-up. I think I've been spoiled. I love tent camping, but there is just something about sleeping in air conditioner that gets my heart. So we cooked over an open fire, sat around the camp fire, walked to the lake in the dark, slept, ate again, went fishing, and ate lunch and packed up. It was relaxing, perfect fun.

When we got back from the lake, I drove to Guthrie to eat dinner with my favorite teacher friends. It was nice to catch up, hear about school stuff, and vent a little. Teaching away from these two is super hard for me. It's SO great to see them! I think all 3 of us are ready for 6th graders again... :)
My weekend ended with a little baking with Ashley. I messed up my clean kitchen and loved every minute of it. We tried to make each cupcake a different color. They tasted good and were very nice to look at. She tried baking some in ice cream cones. That worked, but in my opinion it made the cones taste stale. Lesson learned.
All in all, the perfect weekend!


  1. I loooved having dinner with you as well. I'm SUPER excited that I get to see you again on Friday!

  2. p.s. I like the blue cupcake ;)