Sunday, March 11, 2012

my pupkins

I never ever thought I would be one of 'those' dog owners. You know the ones... But somewhere along my 2 years of dog ownership, I've morphed. It all started with, no dog on the furniture and now Ezra sleeps horizontal across mine and Trevor's pillows!

I'm a stickler for a measured out portion of food, the all natural kind.
I take my dogs to their monthly grooming appointment with Milo.
The vet office workers know me when I call to schedule boarding.

What am I going to do when we move? Today I gave Samson and Ez haircuts because I know when we move we won't have Milo. I also know we will save 80 dollars a month if I can do it myself. How do you cut the hair on their legs??? Oh how I wish I could hear what they were thinking.

Maybe that's why Trevor and I talk for them. Yes, we are those pet owners.

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