Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh April

I think April might be the month of madness.

Remember that time where Trevor decided he wanted to be a Pharmacist and we moved back to Oklahoma in a month? Literally packed up and moved from Missouri (where we had just moved 3 months prior).

Well in true Howard style we will be moving to Weatherford in April. Trevor will be moving there during at the beginning of the this week..and staying weeknights at the house there.

I'll be staying here at the trailorhood until the end of April when our lease is up (the 31st). The only reason for this is we will both be saving gas money by living apart during the week. Once we make the move there full time (April 31st) I'll drive back to HP for the last 3ish weeks of school.

I finally got up the nerve to tell Dr. C that I won't be returning next year. It breaks my heart to just think about it. I was so excited to get my little 3rd-ies back as 5th graders. Bummer. I know there is a reason for this..and I know it will be loads easier on Trevor not having to commute.

So strike up the job search. 4 years of teaching, never in the same classroom, switching districts every 2 years... fun. I guess it makes me more well rounded, and I've met a lot of awesome teachers!

The tiny (ha) tricky part to this little 2 hour move west is....every weekend in April save one, is spoken for. Easter with Meme and Poppy. Seeing my bub who just got back from Afghanistan, seeing my brother-in-law Carter before he is relocated in the Air Force.

It's madness I tell ya. Warm thoughts and cookies appreciated.

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