Saturday, March 3, 2012

things I'll miss in Edmond

I can't believe I've lived in Edmond, OK for 8 years now. When I moved onto the college campus at OC in 2004, I pictured a short 4 years. I've now lived here out of college as long as I lived here in college.

Edmond has been home to many of the firsts of my 'grown-up married' life. CRAZY.

We didn't renew our lease so our offical move-out day is April 31st. YIKES.
So as we are getting ready to move, here are the things I'll miss in Edmond.

1. Crest foods - home of rock-bottom grocery prices
2. Kickingbird Pets- where we bought Samson and Ezra and the only place they've ever been groomed, boarded, or visted the vet. Dr. Mee (their vet) and Milo(their groomer) are going to be missed!
3. Hafer Park- the perfect spot on a warm day
4. OC - I don't drive by the campus much, but it brings back such fun memories with awesome people, not to mention an adorable budding romance.
5. CVS- call me crazy, but in the last 7 months of working at the Pharmacy, I've started to really enjoy my co-workers. Double the fact that they know both Trevor and I and are all so supportive of what's best for us.

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