Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm beginning to think my life is like the card game Phase 10. I'm pretty good at that game (Just saying VRUM) and I happen to enjoy it. I never really wished to play it with my life.

Phase 1 :Marriage. The best day of my life thus far, everyone who I love in one place.
Phase 2: T's graduation. Easy enough, we both knew it was coming and that the workplace awaited us.
Phase 3: Move to Missouri. Packed up our Oklahoma lives and went back home to work and enter adulthood.
Phase 4: Trevor wants to be a Pharmacist. Trevor (after working 3 months) decides business is out, Pharmacy school is in.
Phase 5: Move back to Oklahoma. Easy enough, I got my 6th grade job back, Trevor starts classes to get into Pharmacy school.
Phase 6: Beth changes schools. After lots of though, I decided I should teach 3rd grade in a different city. (Gulp)
Phase 7: Beth and Trevor decide to relocate closer to Pharmacy School. (in progress)

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