Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 1 highlights

Dear Miles,

You are a week old, and what a week it's been.  It seems like it flew by, and at the same time it seems you've been here so much longer than 8 days.  You are such a good baby.  You barely cry, you make the most endearing faces.  You are awake a little more each day.  You love to be talked to, sang to, and held close.  You are patient with us as we learn how to take care of you.  You bring joy to so many around you and often are the center of attention of many people at once.
You get the hiccups a lot.  Multiple times a day.  You also aren't that great at drinking from a bottle.  It drips and runs down your cute chin the whole time.  You also wish you could just drink a little bit to satisfy your hunger. You have no intentions of filling your stomach, so we don't have to feed you again. 


The swaddle didn't last long. You love having your hands by your face.  You do a really good job not scratching yourself.  We still put you in your swaddle, but leave one arm out because you sleep better that way.  Your dad loves to sleep with his hands by his face too.  You typically sleep 2 hours at a time.

 You wake up after each feeding and when you need a diaper change.  Although you are only awake for around 10 minutes, you are alert and so funny. 
You  have so many people who think you amazing.  You met all of your dad's pharmacy friends and your 'Aunt Lindsey' and best friend Baby B.  You are so chill and go with the flow that we can take you anywhere and you just hang out. 
You also had your first playtime with two of you cousins.  Your cousin Connor thought you were so neat.  He kept running into your crib and giving you blankets and stuffed animals.  He enjoyed holding you and kissing your hand.  He tried so hard to be gentle and loving. 
 You had your first trip to the pediatrician where you weighed 5 lbs 12 oz.  Your bilirubin levels were a little more elevated than they were when we left the hospital.  Other than losing a little weight the doctor was very impressed with your movement and alertness.  You were worn out when it was over.

You've been providing a break in studying for dad while he tries to focus on his finals.  He is much more interested in holding and talking to you than studying.  While we find this adorable and fun, his grades may not.  I know you will be so proud of him when you are old enough to see how hard he works to provide for us.

We love you so much already and are so excited to see the person you grow into


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