Saturday, May 11, 2013

I get it now...

Since I'm heading to the land of my mothers...also known as 'land of no internet', I thought I'd write my Mother's Day reflections a day early.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for changing my diapers, listening to my crying (probably often for no reason) trying 1,000 things to keep me happy, walking, rocking, jiggling me in the middle of the night.  Thanks for investing in my all of my younger years (and these older ones too).  I truly understand now the sacrifice, exhaustion, and how it wasn't fun all the time.  I hope that when you see me mother Miles I'm a reflection of the amazing job you did. I am so thankful for the wife you are to dad, Mom you are to me & Trevor and Michael & Tai, and Gramma you are to David, Kaia, and Miles.  We all are blessed because of you!


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