Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I don't care about

There's this phenomenon when you are pregnant, everyone tells you about when they were pregnant.  The same thing happens when you give birth.  I'm only assuming this continues as your child gets older.  As a first time mom, I hear "when I was a first time mom" stories frequently and how much more relaxed the mom got with her 2nd, 3rd, 4th child. 

All I have to say is: my poor future children.

I don't care if Miles drinks a bottle of breast milk straight out of the fridge. I don't warm them up.

I don't care if Miles wants to sleep with his arms out of his swaddle.

I don't care if Miles goes to Pharmacy school, the library, Wal-Mart, or wherever else we are going during his nap time. 

I'm not sure exactly what "nipple confusion" is, and I let him drink out of as many kinds of bottles as we have. I also let him suck on whichever of his three pacifiers that he wants at the moment, and I let him breastfeed when he wants to.

I don't care what he wore home from the hospital, or if what he's wearing right now matches.  He's worn the same baby socks for 4 days straight.

I don't care what kind of diapers or wipes he uses. We go for the cheap/effective ones around here.

I don't care if he gets passed around before people have germ-x(ed) their hands. 

All these things won't effect who my son is.  I care about Miles loving others, loving to learn, loving life. I want him to be flexible, confident, and a joy to others.  I will talk to him while he's awake, I'll shower him with kisses, and tell him I'm proud of everything he does. (even if it's pooping)

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