Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 3


Your third week of life is nearly over, but you seemed to do new things this week that I always want to remember.  The most notable (at least for dad) is that you have almost mastered drinking from your bottle! You have a good suction and it doesn't spill all down your face anymore. Dad tried his first nighttime feeding last night and I LOVED that. 

You also started tummy time.  When you lay on your stomach on someone's chest you try to raise your head and you actually turned it a few times this week.  You like tummy time for the most part as long as someone is laying on the floor with you.

You also met lots of people this week when we went to Missouri.  You met more cousins and friends.  You also met your Great Grandma Nina, and your Great Great Uncle Don.  You spent lots of times in the arms of your Grammy and Papa, and Pops and Gramma.  That's why as I type this you are currently in your sling. You think you need to be held constantly! It's a good thing you're cute!


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  1. Do you prefer to pump rather than breastfeed directly?