Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm a bad mommy blogger..(weeks 16-19)

As much as I should  have time to update Miles' progress weekly, since I'm staying home, we've fallen into a routine and I'm 'busy'.  Our days look something like this:

8:00- wake up/drink coffee/change diaper/watch Good Morning America/play/eat
10:00- nap for Miles: exercise/shower for me/chores
11:30- lunch with Dad
12:30- play/eat
1:30- nap for Miles: online classes for me/chores
3:30- Dad home/eat
5:30- Dinner for adults
6:00- Dinner for Miles/play
7:00- Bath, bedtime story, top off eating
8:00- Bed for Miles

It is literally the best job I've ever had. Our house is clean, laundry is caught up, meals are being prepared and I get to be with our little guy.

Speaking of our main man, he has been busy working on his sitting up, rolling over, and giggling skills. He is much more tolerant of being left alone to play for a while.  The biggest change is that he has discovered his hands. He loves to lay and stare at them and shove him as far as he can into his mouth.

He got a short visit from Gramma and Pops, he loved all that attention and the reprieve from his daily floor time. He also battled his first mosquito bites like a champ.

He met his last set of great-grandparents.  My dad's parents (Meme & Poppy) loved him.  He loved my grandma, smiling and cooing every time she spoke. I'm glad we finally made it up there. In the photo Miles' baby blanket is on my grandma's lap. She crocheted it for him.

He's wearing size 2 diapers and still easily fits into 3 month clothing.  I'm thinking he weights somewhere around 13 1/2 pounds. We will get the official weight when he goes to the doctor next week. His fussy newborn-ness has turned into the most happy and friendly babyhood.

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