Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My baby's getting big (week 21)

In less than a week, Miles will be 5 months old. He's getting big. I remember this every time I pick him up. I remember this every time I try to lay him down in his crib and his feet brush the railing. I remember this every time I cradle him and his legs dangle over my side.

I realize I'm lucky to be able to have witnessed every one of his 148 in full. I think it my have to do with the fact that my best friend is due in a few weeks, another friend just gave birth, and yet a third friend just announced a pregnancy.  I (kinda) miss my newborn. I don't miss the feedings every three hours, and I don't miss the constant diapers, and I don't miss the unresponsiveness.  But every time I look at Miles I see him graduating from college and getting married and moving away. Trevor likes to play on this craziness and tell me he's going to move to Italy, just to see my reaction. It's mean.

So, now that I've married him off,  let's talk about week 21. The dude loves to roll, sit up and stare at the what's going on around him, and is showing more of a preference to people he knows. I also think he may be growing because he's been taking epic naps and seems to be eating non-stop. Oh, and he's been fussy. Besides all that, he's so much fun. He loves to babble, grin, and slime us with his drool. I am excited to see his reaction in the next few months to all the holiday fun! Happy week 21 Miles.

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