Saturday, September 21, 2013


Saturdays are my least favorite day. In an effort to make them more enjoyable, Miles and I ventured to the park today.  One of the parks here is about half a mile away. It's perfect for a short stroll, since we don't have a second car, and Trevor's at work. So we set out this morning it was nice and cool.

Miles has finally got to the point that he can hold his neck up without looking like a bobble head while swinging. This is actually his second time on a swing, but being the stellar parents we are, we forgot to take pictures the first time.

He loves the cool weather, the shady spot, and the breeze. He flaps  his arms and squeals while he slowly swing back and forth. 

Of course, I'm poised in front of him making silly faces and snapping a few pictures. I love his big blues.

Now for nap time, lunch time, and nap time again!

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