Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In honor of my 26th birthday.... 26 things you should know about me.

  1. My favorite age so far has been 23. I got married, graduated college, and got my first teaching job. Also my first nephew was born. It was a good year!

  2. People look at me like I'm crazy but I really do love to teach pre-teens! The mouthier the better!

  3. I feel very at home as the only 'white person' in my classroom. If you'd have asked me in high school I don't think I would have said that.

  4. I love playing- and winning- card games, board games, any type of game really

  5. I found out this year that I have some genetic thing that causes me to lose my skin pigment if I pick up a virus. Thank goodness the pigment comes back! Went 25 years without knowing that one.

  6. I never used to be a pet person. I'm still not a pet person with other people's pets--just my own.

  7. I hate to think I've started my 'late-twenties'. It's been 3 years since I graduated college; 7 years since I graduated high school.

  8. I have never found or seen a video game that I would want to play.

  9. I do my best thinking in the middle of the night, but typically forget it by morning

  10. I never have trouble sleeping. I don't wake up or even move at night.

  11. I really want to have laser eye surgery. I hate blurry vision

  12. I love teaching Math but it was my least favorite subject in school

  13. I enjoy speaking for dogs, or babies that aren't old enough to speak for themselves. Trevor and I often communicate for long periods of time with one of us talking for Samson.

  14. I need to be grading papers right now.

  15. I love the Big Bang Theory

  16. I really wish I had a photo of myself as an infant

  17. I really do have a wide age range of friends. I happen to like it that way.

  18. I talk to my dad on the phone every day

  19. I had my first cavity this summer

  20. I really really like to be on time. It bothers me to be late.

  21. I currently have my dream job.

  22. I have no desire to go back for a masters degree

  23. I appreciate my parents more now than ever

  24. I have the best husband on the planet. Argue with me...and I will win

  25. I hope that by the time I'm thirty I will be able to afford to Travel

  26. I have a superviser's number at Sallie Mae...that's how often I call :)


  1. Oh you forgot 26 1/2. I have found that my greatest achievement will be when I am someday as great as my cousin, V.Rum.

    About number 10, this really came in handy when sleeping in the blue bed at Meme and Poppy's. That thing made a noise at just the slightest flinch.

    16. There's a photo as you at least at 10 months, right? I think I've seen that before...

    20. However, somehow Matty Mark and I tend to be on time to KC and you and Trevor are always late. I see, being late only applies to when you're coming to see us. Mildly offended.

  2. 5. I didn't know that! (But apparently neither did you. I want to see a picture of this.)

    8... Amen. Amen.

    11. You SHOULD. It is worth every penny.

    15. The show or the actual theory?

    24. Wrong. Sorry. Not saying he's not a good fella though.

    And p.s. you and my boss share a birthday! And p.p.s... I'm a bad friend for waiting this long to wish you a happy one. Glad you were born!!