Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blunt is Best

Somehow in the year I taught 3rd grade, I forgot about how sometimes older kids say things just to be mean. In 3rd grade this happens, but their meanness doesn't cut as deep. Example from Wednesday:

Katy- Move your desk, you're annoying
Lari- No, this is where my desk goes
Katy- Move it!
Lari-(moves it closer, instead of farther away)
Katy- You're dumb
Lari- You're dumb
Katy- At least my mom birthed me out of my womb!
Lari- (Silence)
Katy- --to another student, yah, Lari is 'dopted, she lives with white people
Lari- They aren't white!

at this point another teacher steps in. (They weren't in my homeroom, they were in Reading class at the time)

After I heard about the incident, it struck me. Wow, they shoot directly where it hurts. I knew that Lari was in DHS custody, she hasn't been adopted. She does live with a foster family.

So when I had a chance to talk to Katy about the incident, I walked up to her and told her my mom didn't birth me out of her womb, and I lived with white people. I looked her straight in her face and asked if she had anything else she'd like to say to me.

She said she didn't.

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