Saturday, August 27, 2011

a typical day...

So if you are up to date with my current life you know my amazing hubby is in Pharmacy school. Yay for him! That also means he is spending more time studying, traveling back and forth, and sitting in a classroom then normal. Which would all be fine...but he's had to cut his work hours. Since I'm not willing to go into major debt for this whole Pharmacy school thing, I got a second job after school and on weekends...

don't worry, I'll work hard the first 6 years of marriage and he can work hard the years 6-80.

So today I worked all day at school and then 5-11 at my part time job. I came home to no air conditioning...AH! The high today was 102, tomorrow it's 103, and Sunday it's 105.

Bad timing.


  1. I sure hope you can grade papers at work. Take care of yourself, don't flame out. Ok?

  2. What kind of part-time job is it? How will you have time for lesson plans and grading?