Sunday, November 25, 2012

27 years ago today...

November 25, 1985 is the day my parents went to pick me up from the adoption agency. I was a few days over 3 months old.  I, of course, have no recollection of this day past the millions of times I've heard the story.  It's a story I hold dear to me because this day really defines me.  If it weren't for this single event; my life as I know it would not exist.  It's odd to think of who I might be if I was never a Rumker.  But in God's great plan I believe I always was meant to be a Rumker. Creator of life and author of my story which is one only he could have put together so seamlessly.

Most years I think on this day how lucky I am to have my family.  My supportive, organized, patient mom,  my dad who really is the softest rock I know, my driven brother who makes cute babies, and all my unique extended family. 

This year as I hold a tiny peach of a baby inside my belly my thoughts drift to my birth mom. I wonder on this day, did she know I was forever home? Did it give her peace? Talking to her as an adult I know she knew she was making the best decision for her and me.  But as a 20 something like me, I can't imagine the baby inside me belonging to another.

Today I am thankful.

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