Saturday, November 17, 2012

week 14

It's been three months of living as a buffet.

My gag reflex is still crazy out of control.  Thinking about, or talking about certain things get it going.  Coffee is a big one.  If I even visualize a cup or pot of coffee I'm gagging!

I'm also hungrier than the last few weeks. But in the middle of a meal I can decide something no longer tastes right.  If my body tells me enough...the smart thing to do is stop.

I've been SUPER cranky this week.  I notice it mostly at school. (My poor kiddos)

I feel fat. Very fat. But not like I hate my body fat, just accepting the reality that it's changing but doesn't look pregnant yet.

I go back to the doctor in a week.  I'm looking forward to hearing that super fast (173 last time) heartbeat again and not so looking forward to the "duck beak" that awaits.

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