Friday, November 2, 2012

Beginning of Baby

Disclaimer: this post contains words such as boobs, and 'try'

Trevor and I had been talking about when we wanted kids for a few months. I decided I didn’t want to miss a bunch of the school year so a summer baby would allow us to “ease” into parenthood before our busy schools schedules started again. We calculated that we could try in Aug, Sept, and October. We decided if it didn’t happen in those 3 months we would just wait a while and rethink things. We sort-of hit or miss tried in August and I was convinced we didn’t hit the right days.  I felt sort of crampy a week before my period was supposed to start and I thought it was unusual.  I also got really light headed in Walmart.  I noticed that my taste (not smell) was super strong.  Nothing was good or bad just really powerful. 

Travis was coming to spend the weekend and I knew going out would be on the agenda. I was about 4 days late and still didn’t really think I was pregnant but took a test anyway to see if I could drink over the weekend.  It IMMEDIATELY turned into a plus sign.  I ran it over to Trevor who calmly told me to wait the two minutes then look at it. It still looked like a bright plus sign.  Trevor thought the cross line looked silver and not blue and didn’t believe it. He told me to wait 3-4 days and test again.  WHAT?!? Yah right. So we went and bought a digital test that says either yes or no. I took it about 10:30 pm and it IMMEDIATEY buzzed and read yes+.  No denying it now. I had felt fine up to this point, other than some sore boobs.  Since Travis was there, naturally he knew what was going on, and we told him he couldn’t tell anyone.