Thursday, August 7, 2014

It happened again..

Warning: breastfeeding talk ahead

You may remember that Miles was bottle fed (breastmilk) his first 7 weeks of life.  He didn't latch well and it was a struggle from the beginning, so I began pumping.  I didn't mind pumping because it gave him the nutrition he needed and I knew exactly how much he was eating. Well randomly one day he decided he was done with bottles.  This was weird because he hadn't breastfed but a hand full of times.  We went on to breastfeed for the next 10 months. He shunned all bottles.

So when Hazel was born, she latched right away.  She was a pro eater the first few days.  Then she just sort of lost interest.  I pulled out the pump and begin pumping and didn't mind one bit. I could store up some milk (with the hopes of being done producing milk, but her still getting to drink it until she was a year old).  I know it sounds selfish, but I'm over producing milk.  It's uncomfortable. It's sticky. It's a pain. But it's the best thing for my babies so I will press on. 

Hazel has been drinking bottles exclusively for the last 3 weeks.  Then yesterday, she decided she was finished with them.  It happened as suddenly as it did with Miles. She arched her back, moved her head away and screamed. So we tried breastfeeding and she hasn't had a bottle since. I know it's only been 48 hours, but it seems just like what happened with Miles. So I guess, history is bound to repeat itself. Now the important question is what to do with the 200 ounces of breast milk that's in my freezer.


  1. It'll keep a year. Use it later to make muffins for them. :) I'm not joking!