Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hazel- week 5


You are 5 weeks old. Currently you are napping, which seems somewhat of a miracle.  You've been really good this morning: awake and happy, eating and happy, now napping! I figured I better write this when I'm not exasperated with you. :)

Every time I think we've turned a corner, you prove me wrong.  I have been trying various things at bedtime because it literally takes you an hour to get to sleep at night.  Every time I think we've found a routine that works, you reject it the next night. I sit there with you wondering if these traits you have as a baby will stay with you as you get older.  Since I found out I was having a girl I've had the same picture in my mind.  I want a daughter with a strong sense of self, someone who isn't afraid to stand up to adversaries, someone who is kind to everyone, someone with spunk and personality.  Maybe I've wished this rough babyhood on myself. I have never pictured a quiet, sweet, girly daughter. So far you aren't quiet or sweet. :)  You have a sign in your room that reads "Someday I will change the world" and I look at it every time I'm super frustrated with you. 

So my little commander, I love you and most of the time like you despite not sleeping much or allowing me to eat a warm meal.


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  1. Perhaps someday she will move mountains. ;)