Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hazel - 6 weeks

Hello 6 week old Hazel,

This week was marked by a trip to the after hours clinic  on Wednesday.  At the advice of someone on facebook, we started to think maybe the bumps on your face weren't just baby pimples.  They started getting really red, raised and sand-paper feeling.  So to the doc you went.  I'm sure by the time you're reading this you will know your dad is a medicine Nazi. Seriously,  I'm more of a 'let's try it and see if it works' he's more of a 'The FDA doesn't recommend that for children under 2'. So in order to maintain peace in our home, we went to see what a doctor said.  You started getting a tiny tiny tiny bit of hydrocortisone cream mixed with aquaphor on your face twice a day.  Its hard for me to notice differences because I see you all day, so I tried to take pictures to refer to.  Looking back at them now I can see that the redness and inflammation is going down.

I'm not sure if it coincides with the fact that we are treating your eczema, but you started sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night consistently.  It is wonderful.  You go to bed around 8pm and sleep until around 3, then you wake up between 6 and 7.  I can totally handle that.

Below is the 'Come home now, Dad, we are going crazy' picture. Please note that I haven't had the opportunity to shower or speak to an adult for a very extended time.  Appreciate. Also note the t-shirt from my award winning 1998, 6th grade basketball team.  I won best all-around player that year, and it still fits. Why did I order such big shirts as a 12 year old?  Totally not what most 12 year olds wear now. 

Ahh, here you are napping. How cute. The only way you stay napping during the day is for me to rock you with my foot while you sleep.  I'm getting some well developed calf muscles.
Below is the picture I took before we started your face medication. I can tell now how read it was. The pictures above this one are at various stages of improvement.

Below you are rocking your greasy face.  I'm hopeful that this is a one-time event and you won't have to have a greasy face as a teenager.  

Happy 6th week sister. We have one more week under our belts, and one week closer to you feeding yourself, walking and talking. For that I'm excited.  

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