Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easing back

...this week I've had Literacy First training.  My brain is full of information, so much so that I'm dreaming about vocabulary stations.  It was a blessing in disguise though, having not taught reading in the past year.  It was a good refresher of strategy, ideas, and basic know-how. 

I am excited to work in my classroom tomorrow and start prepping some of the new ideas.

A week from this very moment I'll be headed up to see my favs: David and Kaia.  They live in New York with my brother and sister-in-law.  Of course I'll be glad to see their parents as well.  It's been about 2 months since I saw them... my Aunt Pants are ready to be put on!

Mr. H and I are trying to soak up the last bits of the bearable temps this summer has had to offer Oklahoma. I managed to pry him away from "Fighting Mass Multiplayer Online Gaming Evil" long enough to take this hike thru Red Rock Canyon. Aren't my boys presh?? They are all tired and thirsty smiles.

I also got my (4) VistaPrint orders in. This is a banner I made to hang on my door.  (Pardon the wrinkles) I of course, got the inspiration from Pintrest. Link Here  I added a few words of my own. If I misspelled something--don't tell me :)

It's 8:37 pm and this nearly 27 year old **Yikes** is plum wore out.

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