Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Tree

I'm a teacher. I love Pinterest.  I also have tons of people in my life having babies.  Between these things, I've seen a lot of Owl/Forrest themes.  I also did a little research into my and Mr. H's family trees a few generations.  I have been wanting to decorate my living room with a "Family Tree" of sorts, but wasn't sure how to carry it out.

I knew I wanted it to have pictures of our family and friends with us
I knew I didn't want professional pictures up there
I knew I didn't want the frames to be the main focus

I also knew, I'm not an artist. :)  I have grand ides in my head, but they never turn out right on paper (or the wall).  I'm creative but not talented. Lucky for me, I have a few artist friends, siblings, cousins who are always around to help out my art-impaired self.

Another hang up is that we rent our house,  shack, glorified tent. I'm not 'exactly' sure if we are allowed to paint trees on the wall. oops.

Yesterday this baby came to life and I'm super happy with how it turned out. I love that there's lots more room to add pictures! The whole project cost me $8.00 (the frames were $.95 each)

Big shout out to Zach (who has gobs of talent) I Love it!!!

The tree is painted in dark gray. Frames are back. Sorry my cell phone picture doesn't do it justice.  If you're ever in the middle of nowhere, come by and admire it yourself!

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