Friday, July 6, 2012


So as I prepare for the upcoming school year, I've been working in my classroom.  Now, I've switched classrooms every.single.year.  so I'm an old pro at moving and arranging my furniture and belongings.

All of my schools have been welcoming. You may remember my post about that here.  But this one blows me away.  It's the support staff ...they...hold your breath...take a you!

1. Ronnie OFFERS to paint my room for me, if I will go get the paint swatch and tape it to what I want that color.
2. Ronnie BACKS my vehicle up to the FRONT DOOR and unloads my boxes onto a roll cart and takes them to my room.
3. I try to tell Ronnie that I can move the file cabinets I don't want into the hall, and he won't let me.
4. He offers to get me a new desk chair (I don't mind the one I have)
5. He comes and paints white over the previous teacher's name before I even arrive so I feel like it's my room.
6. Two native american women offer to hand paint whatever I want on the wall outside my classroom if I'll print them off a picture
7. The Librarian gives me two new BOXES of chapter books for my room
8. The superintendant helps me take the supplies to the teachers workroom (that has more supplies) that I don't want.
9. My principal is awesome about finding out the answers to all my questions (it's his first year too). From how do I laminate (I don't have to, an aide does) to where can I get a room key.

I mean that's off the top of my head. (Ronnie is one of the janitors. He's a nice Native American man in his mid-40s whose children attend the school. All the teachers and the principal say let them help you, they like to) I tried to do each task by myself, which is what i'm used to.  I even got lecture about moving a bookshelf alone.

I can't wait to see what this year brings. Niceness makes me smile.  1 point for rural Oklahoma!

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  1. I loved my time teaching in rural Oklahoma. I'm just a wee bit jealous. ;)