Friday, July 20, 2012

Every Morning this Summer

2:30 am - Ez wants outside
2:33 am - I make Ez lay back down. Trevor snores.
6:30 am - Samson starts barking to be let out of his cage
6:33 am - Ez hears Samson and decides it's time to wake up
7:00 am - I finally have had enough barking and rescue Samson from his crate
7:02 am- I quietly carry Samson and Ez to the window so they can go outside
7:04 am - Make coffee
7:08 am - Samson is standing on the window ledge whining to come back in
7:10 am - Cup of coffee in hand, let boys in and feed them
7: 20 am - Quietly wait in the living room with both dogs and the TV off so Trevor can sleep
---chase dogs, clean up messes, work on school stuff, listen to music, chase dogs, mail bills---
9:45 am - Trevor rolls over
---clean up kitchen, put laundry away that Trevor washed, start a new load, check clothesline--
10:30 am - Trevor stumbles out of the room with gym shorts on and says "good morning"
10:31 am - I consider telling him that tomorrow is his turn, and then return to reality

alternative activities include: Cleaning up Ez's puke off the bed, cleaning up Samson's poop out of his crate and taking out the trash


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Um, you know, if you change a few of the words and stuff (outside to bottle/nurse, or crate to crib), it sounds like a morning with infant twins. Just saying. ;)

  2. I don't know you, Joan, but I was thinking the same thing! Sounds like more work than my 10 month old! Soooooo, Beth, when are you having my super cousin!!!!!!!!