Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fab Finds- Pinterest Edition

Easy Gifts-  I am ALWAYS looking for holiday ideas that aren't "cheesy". But are unique and CHEAP.  I don't want to make yarn wreaths.  :)  I saw this and knew the possibilities are endless.  Christmas- Mother's day- Father's day etc.  Maybe by the end of the year they could each have a family set!  I would even let them use my colored sharpies.  

Student ownership-  I have a set umbrella rules that are tried and true, but I like that the students can come up with rules that fall under them.  I think any time you can post pictures of your students it helps them feel more at home in the classroom.  I would love to do this strategically know giving a certain student a certain rule. :)

Memory Jar-  Each year I have done some type of time capsule, but I like this idea much better.  I love student reflection at the end of the year. Since I have an Adventure/Travel theme this year I've created an 'Adventure Log' with this idea. It's a notebook that will be in chronological order highlighting things we want to remember. I hope to be able to extend the Adventure log to a classroom timeline.

Crate Seats - I can't believe how cheap these seats were to make. (Those aren't mine) I got crates for 3 dollars each at Wal-mart. Then I bought the 1.00 bed pillows at Walmart. I wanted mine to be more comfy then a thin layer of bating.  I had the board at home and I decided to switch out the fabric with an old tarp (blue and silver).  I think the fabric is a lot cuter, but rumor has it that lice runs rampant in my new district. I'm not taking any chances. They are also a lot easier to wipe down.  So I spent under 5 dollars each...compared to beanbags...way cheaper.

Paper Management- I used envelopes for each assignment before, but I've always had them hanging on a bulletin board. I love this idea because it doesn't take up precious board space.  I added the 4 requirements I have  of assignments to my "Work Drop" sign.  (Name, Date, Neat, Complete). I also have a checklist of students on each one so they can check off when theirs is turned in. It's so nice to be able to see at a glance who still needs to complete it. I also love the ease of taking and grading one assignment at a time.

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  1. I saw that coffee mug on Pinterest too! Loved the idea! I kind of just want to make myself an entire collection of them!:)

    Oh and you have awesome ideas...not every teacher has the gift of making a classroom seem fun and inviting.