Friday, July 13, 2012

What teachers do in the summer...

I know my students think in the summer I sit in my room and twiddle my thumbs, waiting for them to return....hhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha

It's true I do work endlessly in the summer for their success. But, that's not ALL I do...

I think the greatest part about teaching is colleagues that turn into friends. Not only do you have people to share great ideas with, you have people who understand why you do what you do each day. They share the end goal.  For some reason when teachers turn into "teacherfriends" age, location, grade doesn't really matter.

Yesterday I got to have an amazing afternoon (that was worth my 2 hour drive from nowhere) with 3 such teacherfriends.   All of my favorite things intertwined: sun, chicken salad, laughter, teaching, pool, yummy fruit "lemon aid", Sonic drinks. It was much so I'm ready to work again!

Here's the other great's gonna stay with me a while...both on my shoulders and my thighs!

Yes, that's paneling on my bathroom wall-- you get what you pay for in rent
delish...and gone forever to live on my thighs... click HERE if you want to see how it's made!

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  1. I have the same sunburn!!! It really was wonderful to see you and the gals yesterday. I think the third year in a row officially makes this a tradition. =)