Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fab Finds- Website Edition

This summer I've spent countless hours searching the internet for helpful teaching things.  Below are the things I would recomment to my closest teacher friends.  Enjoy!

1. Sumdog- my go-to website for Math fact practice. ALL the games practice facts. All the games the kids love. All the games are free. They win over the students with multi-player action. They win over me by allowing me to change the skill for each student and sending me reports about their strengths and weaknesses.

2. http://classroom.booksource.com/ I'll never lose a classroom library book again! I love that I can checkout a book to a student with my cell phone. I love they can check a book back in on the computer and respond to the book there. It will cut down on kids getting 3-4 books a day and not reading them.  I hope it will cut down on wear and tear too since I can hold them accountable.

3. http://classdojo.com/ - Interactive classroom management at it's best!  I love that I can award/deduct "points" from individual, team, or whole group.  I love that you can award/deduct for specific behaviors.  It will even e-mail the parent a report and graph of the day.  My favorite thing is that I don't have to buy prizes or anything.

4. That Quiz-  It's no-frills and I love that. My students know if we work on "that quiz" it's all about work and not about play.  It sets the tone for them to work.  I love the immediate feedback. I love that it grades/records for me.  I love that I can see the most missed question.  I also like that you can give each student a different skill depending on what they need.

5. Studyjams-  Engaging and helpful. I love to use these to preview a lesson or skill. Sometimes I use them to reinforce or show a different way.  I like that it's heavy on science and math.  My students often asked if there was a studyjam for a specific topic. That tells me either they found them helpful, or wanted me to quit teaching a moment :).

To keep this from being an information overload, I'll leave it at that. Hope you find one-or-many you LOVE!

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