Thursday, February 11, 2010


Fifty Six

Fifty six = hands in my classroom

Fifty six = more then me and Michael's ages added together

Fifty six = the year my aunt was born

Fifty six = the age I am going to be when I'm eligible to retire from teaching.

I came to this realization today. Years taught + real age = 90.

Fifty six is older then either of my parents. Fifty six is over thirty years away. Fifty six seems so far away. Fifty six.... I don't know how much energy I'm going to have then. Fifty six seems like a grandma age. Fifty six...

By the time I'm fifty-six ;

I'll be finished raising children if I have any
My first students will be 44 years old
I'll have been married for 32 years
Hope, Hannah, and Jacob will be 43 years old
My parents will be in their eighties
David will be 30 years old
I'll own my own house
My student loans will be paid off!

God bless me if I make it to 56.

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