Friday, February 12, 2010

thoughts about LOVE

With V-day coming up, I've been surrounded by people who either love or hate this holiday. 

Valentine's Day in the 6th grade:  

Today I had 12 year olds receive flowers, candy, and valentines from their significant others. Today I had 12 year olds wear anti-Valentine's Day shirts.
Today I had 12 year olds tell me they loved electronics.
Today I had 12 year olds tell me they loved other 12 year olds.

It amazes me how much love changes as we do.  I remember my first little "boyfriend".  His name is Nick, and we were 6.  I'm pretty sure I told my mom I loved him. And -gasp- I kissed him! 
* I am happy to report that Nick is happily married to an awesome girl, and has a sweet little boy.*

As I grew up, there were boys that I was interested in, but I'm positive I never told anyone that I loved a boy from the age of 7 to probably about 15.  When I was 15 I would have told you I loved around six boys...but only as friends. I truly did.

Then there is Trevor. My love for Trev changed over the years.  It went from a figment of my imagination, to an interest in friendship, to a love of friendship, to a young romance, and now we share a two year of marriage, you're my other half love. 

So two days before the big V, I can tell you this: I LOVE teaching, expanding, investing, and frustrating my 25 amazing 11 year olds, who are experiencing their own level of love.  

And I Love my husband, the most sincere, honest, humble, forgiving, even-keel, funny man I know.  

I can't imagine my life without either!

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