Friday, February 26, 2010

New Students...a reflection

Yesterday I got a new student. New students are common after breaks, and near semesters, but fairly uncommon this time of year.

I have been blessed in my two years of teaching, with the exception of one student who stayed for three days before he pulled a pocket knife, I've got great kids. 

I've had a total 3 "new kids" in my two years. Two of them have been transfered from a difference 6th grade class, and one moved back from fifth grade.  All of them have fit into my class seamlessly. I feel thankful for them being placed in my class, even though the day I get them is always hectic and stressful. 

It's the small things. Really. 

HL, HP, and CW -Welcome, glad you're here, you make our class whole.

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  1. Hey, you always said my room was bigger than yours last year. Now you have the room! Lol