Monday, February 22, 2010


While looking at a practice problem on a test. 

5 + 6 - (4 x 4) 

I asked O,

Mrs. H -What should you do first?  
O- I dunno
Mrs. H- Do you know what phrase we use to remember what goes first?
O- Nope
Mrs. H- There's a's kinda made up..ring any bells?
*blank stares*
Mrs. H- PEMDAS? Please excuse my dear aunt Sally?
O- oh YEAH!

Mrs. H- What comes first?
 O- I don't know.

Mrs. H- Do you know what the P stands for?
Mrs. H- what are these? (pointing to the parenthesis)
O- Parenthesis? 
Mrs. H- yep. What does parenthesis start with?
O- P

Mrs. H- so what do you think the P in PEMDAS stands for?
O- ....Prime?


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