Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear 6th grader

Dear 6th Grader,

Hi 12 year old. YEah, you I see you playing in your desk while i'm teaching. Even though I see you messing around, I will still answer your question when you come and ask it. I will try not to mention I just covered that exact thing.

I want you to know that you are not always a joy to be around. Sometimes you leave papers on the ground, sometimes you lie to me about turning in your work, and sometimes you tease your classmates and make my life more difficult. I want you to know despite all that, I still show up every day to try to expand your mind.

I know you are tired some mornings, I am too. I know that sometimes things go on at home that affect your day at school. I understand, I have a life outside of school too. If you give me a break sometimes, I'll give you one in return.

I really do want you to succeed. That's why sometimes I have to give you consequences when you don't do an assignment well, or when you don't treat your classmates with respect. It's not because I don't like you, or are picking on you. It's hard on me when you get mad and refuse to answer or participate. I know that you will get over it, even if it takes you posting on your Myspace that I'm a witch!

I hope someday when you interact with 12 year olds, you will remember how I treated you. That I treated you fairly, began each day with you new, and cared for you even though you might roll your eyes, or shrug your shoulders at me. I know 12 is a tough age. So is 24. I'm not so far away from when I was 12 and you aren't so far away from being 24, and adult with responsibilities, So I will try to prepare you the best I can.

Mrs. Howard

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