Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Real friends tell

So I've always heard the phrase, real friends tell. Mostly when it comes to telling your friend something awkward or embarrassing.  Like when my husband has a bugger in his nose, or when an 11 year old boy has his zipper open, or you can see panties through a skirt. Things like that. So today I walk into my class and take my coat off.  (It was a cool morning, so I'd had my jacket on til around 9 am)

A few moments later, H walks up to me and says, Mrs. H is your shirt on inside out?  It takes me a moment to realize that she is not trying to pull one over on me. I glance down, my shirt appears the same on the outside and on the inside with the exception the seams show. There is no tag, to other give-aways. Sure enough, my shirt is on inside out. 

I quickly take the moment to teach my students things that only weird situations can bring on. I show them how to handle embarrassment.  I tell H that I planned that to see how observant they are, and begin a contest of how many people mention to me that my shirt is on inside out. She, and all my other students thought this was a great idea. 

But on a serious note, in their lives embarrassing things happen, they and if they can learn to laugh at themselves, other will laugh with them, instead of at them. 

P.S. H was the only person who told me today, that my shirt was on backwards...thanks Mrs. M and Mrs. W!

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  1. Oops! Sorry! Didn't even notice...I was too busy focused on the smell in my room! lol