Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Fart

Our new counselor, Mrs. 'Old-School' was in my room yesterday.  Now, understand I don't have anything against her, well not much anyways. I know a lot about teaching has changed in the last say...40 years... 

Anyway, she is very tough, and likes to make sure the students are doing exactly what she says, and writing exactly what she's written....word. for. word. 

Besides that, she sometimes interrupts then before they are done speaking, and she discourages their individualism, and it's her way or the high way. 

That being said, I'm thankful that she comes once every two weeks, to share a life skill lesson so that I don't have to write a lesson plan, deliver the lesson, answer questions, grade the papers, enter the grades. Okay, okay back to the story.

Mrs. O-S is in my room lecturing about different ways to handle conflict. She is instructing the students to fill in pages in the work book, keep their head up, pay attention, and on and on. Meanwhile, she is walking around the room. As she walks past my desk I hear a psh psh psh psh sound every time she walks.  

Squeaky shoes?

Student playing in their desk?

Student making noise with their mouth?

What IS that noise? I look up to see if my students are playing around, and I notice them covering their mouths, with red faces. Then I realize what is going on....


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