Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out of the mouth of ...

Out of the mouth of 12 year olds..

Mrs. H - Rigo did you hit Elijah?
R- no
Mrs. H- Did you touch him with any part of your body?
R- No?
Mrs. H- What did you do to Elijah?
R- (points to elbow)
Mrs. H- You elbowed him?
R- yes?
Mrs. H- your elbow is a part of your body
R- yes?

Mrs. H- (trying to sing twinkle twinkle little start in monotone) *Monotone is a spelling word this week*

Seth- Mrs. Howard I'm going to miss you in high school. I hear all those teachers are like sleeping pills in skirts.

Layton - Mrs. Howard, I need a little love over here!
(referring to his computer needing love, because it wasn't working properly)

Mrs. H - What brings you happiness, that doesn't cost money?
Rigo- I mount a horse!  (meaning horseback riding)

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