Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear Oklahoma, Al Gore, and the Ozone:

I'm not quite sure which of you to blame for the intense heat. All I can say is right now I hate all of you. It's July. We've had 32 days over 100 degrees so far. Have you ever heard of August? August is supposed to be over 100 degress..not April or May or June. You are the reason that kids don't play outside. I would choose video games too! You even closed SAMS and Wal-mart down today. (Power outage due to over AC) I didn't step foot out of my house until after 7 pm and the temperature still says 112!

Very sweatily yours,


  1. Don't be hating on Al! He tried to warn us. Go through dirt clods at Jim Inhoffe! ;P

  2. That should be "throw". It is tough being an English teacher.