Monday, July 25, 2011

Sad Day...

today.....sigh.... I went the the dentist. Now, I went the dentist as a kid, but I'd sort of gave up the habit through college. (holla to all the out of state college people) It's HARD to redo your life in another state.. but that's a post for a different time.

SO..the dentist, who's very nice and very precise, is named Jamie. I chose a dentist close to our favorite vet. Does that seem backwards? Well, now we can have our teeth cleaned while our dogs' teeth are being cleaned..take that plaque!

After two hours, x-rays, and a micro fast tartar fight, I have a cavity. It's my first one. :( My score of perfect teeth comes to an end. I have another appointment in a week to get my first filling. sniiiiiiiiiifffffffffffff. Now I can't hold that over my husband's head anymore.

The pouting (who smells like floride),
Mrs. H

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