Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Realized

I just realized I start school back in month! Meet the teacher is Aug. 8th! Where the world did June go? Oh yeah, June with to: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Not to mention Shawnee, Altus, Olustee, Edmond, Midwest City, and OKC, Oklahoma. I guess it was a busy month. :)

Here's what's left on my to-do list before school starts
- Dentist
- Eye Dr.
- and as I like to call it, the 'duck beak doctor**'

**and yes I do realize it's been 3 years since I saw her, and yes, I know that's bad. and yes I still get my birth control refilled, and no I'm not sure how that's legal.

notice a pattern? I HATE maintenance doctor visits. The cheapy in me despises paying and paying for people to tell me, my eyes still need contacts, and my teeth are fine, please floss. I won't even get started on the other one because I've only had one experience there, and it was bad. like BAD.

oh July, you're not going to be my favorite month.


  1. World traveler can't get to Guthrie? ;) We must make a plan.

    I have the pleasure of seeing the "duck" on Monday. Oh boy! Just wait until you're old enough to see the "pancake boobie" technician!

  2. I'm not getting the "duck beak" comment. ??