Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Productive: Day 2

Today I got a little done on my class website. I signed up for a free website through Weebly. I was on my new favorite site, Proteacher, and I found this innocent little group called 'Addicted to VistaPrint.' I've heard a lot of teacher that have used VistaPrint, but my interested was struck by the word FREE. Free products, Free Shipping over $1.

Today alone, I put in 5 orders. I payed $1.49 for each order. Most of the retailed out at between 50-60 dollars each. So yah, saved some big bucks.

It's the little things I tell ya.

**I'll post an update when I get my order on July 12**

1 comment:

  1. I looked at Vista Print (love proteacher!) but wasn't sure I needed business cards. Must be more to it!

    Weebly is good and I like too.