Sunday, July 3, 2011

pictures that make me smile- family edition

So. technically, this girl isn't family, but I'd claim her in a heartbeat. This is Hope, my mini-me of sorts. I've watched her and her brother and sister since they were 5Now they are nearly 13. (sniff) This picture was an attempt to change our facial expression in each picture. I love it because she is clearly behind (see bottom pictures). Taken in 2010

What's not to love about family matching picture? This one was taken this past Christmas. I love the way everyone in this picture looks but me, go figure. David's smile hidden behind his passifier, my mom's open mouth smile: giving instructions, my brother trying not to smile too big. My dad looksso happy. Ah, I love the Rumkers.

More Rumkers! This is my Meme and Poppy. They have five children, my dad is the middle child. This is the attempt to get a 'good family picture'. Notice the red under my grandma's black shirt. She wanted to wear her Chiefs' shirt. She was persuaded to put on my Uncle Greg's (not pictured) sweater. This is the face she makes when things aren't going her way.

And. My favorite! This is Mr. H with our nephew, Connor. I don't feel like it takes much explanation. It's THAT good. It makes me want to have babies, just so he can hold them and grin. Maybe in a few years....

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  1. This cracks me up, but ummmmm....where is MY picture???? I always make you smile!

    Okay, to make up for not including a picture of me, you must write an entire blog about me and only me.