Sunday, August 8, 2010


5 reasons I don't want to be 25

1. Its pretty close to 30
2. It's an odd number, I like even numbers
3. I'm as old as the parents of my 3rd grade students...
4. I'm not in my early twenties any more
5. I feel like I need to think about having kids in the next 5 years

3 Reasons I want to be 25
1. It's another year I get to spend with Trevor
2. I get to make all my own decisions
3. I'm a year closer to owning my own home


  1. I'm thinking your blog's tagline needs to be changed to "reflections of a 3rd year teacher." And as for being 25, your 3rd graders' parents would have been 17 when they had those kids. At that age we were off peeing on mountainsides. You're going to enjoy 25... and even when you're 30 you wont be that old. Chris will be 30 in a year!

  2. 25 isn't so bad. Now 26....that's OLD! ;)