Friday, August 20, 2010

drop by please

At the end of today, I got an e-mail from my new principal.

I'm so glad you're here! Drop by this afternoon after school if you have a few minutes.

Her name isn't really MDC, I'm just calling her that. Mostly because those are the initals for the what the kids call her. She is a Dr., But they call her Mrs. Dr. C(her last name)

I would have to say in the last two years of teaching, I've never got an e-mail (let alone a birthday celebration) from a principal that was just to me. AND it was a nice e-mail...she's glad I'm here!!! So I went to see what she wanted.

I have so much respect for this wonder leader. She asked me how my first week went, if there was anything I needed. (she then provided the chalk holder, extra smart board marker, and extension cord I needed!!)

She went on to assure me that her door was always open, if I needed ANYTHING and reinterate that her whole job was to be 'my personal servant' to help me be successful. She wasn't there to judge me or tell me how things should be done. If I ever needed her to come in and work with a small group, or just needed to vent. She was my gal.

Both MDC and the assistant principal Mrs. I are wonderfully positive ladies. I respect how the juggle the job of discipline and encouragment. I love how they walk in my room in the morning just to make sure they know all the kids names. I love how they sit in the lunch room and check to see if the kids know their lunch numbers, and reward them when they do. I love how they teach our 5th graders how to fold the flag, and how to come in the younger rooms and be role models. I love how they run around with walky=talkys so they are prepared for their duties, yet out of the office. I admire how the paper work gets finished but no one seems to notice when. I love that in the first week and a half of school I've had more interaction with my principal in casual ways then I had all of last year. I couldn't be happier with where I am.

Its true when they say, the beginning of every great school is great leaders.


  1. You know I love my Mrs.D., but I am jealous!!! I think it is awesome you have incredible leaders. It makes a huge difference.

  2. Mrs. D is awesome! I totally agree! It's interesting to me how there are different leaders for different schools depending on what the staff and students need. If I was still in GUES I would miss Principal H! Though, I've heard great things about the new guy!