Thursday, August 12, 2010

Third graders..

Today I officially began my third year of teaching. In a lot of ways it was like my first. New grade, new school, new classroom.

Third graders are needy.
Third graders give lots of hugs
Third graders draw you heart pictures
Third graders take longer to do everything
Third graders can not have down time
Third graders need to practice everything
Third graders can not read very directions very well
Third graders like to use markers
Third graders like to show their teacher their finished work
Third graders like to save their snacks for later
Third graders like to sit on the floor and play games
Third graders are not like 6th graders


  1. Remember, they have only been civilized for a few years. Yes, they are needy, and loving, and oh so sweet. But they are not 6th graders.

  2. What's with the saving their snacks for later? Are they crazy?

  3. Be excited about the hugs though!! They will make any bad day better!!!