Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Week

You may have heard..I had the BEST birthday ever!

It was more like a week.

It all started with a quick trip to Missouri. I love going home when I get to see a few of my favorite people that I don't get to see often. This list included: my long-lost favorite cousin, VRum, my Grandma Nina, Carissa, my parents, my inlaws, and the Hefleys. Wow! So many people that have had an affect on who I am today...

After a great weekend, Monday night Trevor and I went to Shawnee to see Lindsey and Matt! Lindsey and I have been getting together for birthday lunches for a while now, but her new AWESOME husband changed things up my cooking me dinner! Steak!

Tuesday! My actual birthday! I woke up and got ready for school! It was a first on my birthday. Wow, HP really outdid it. I was announced over the intercom in the morning, donned a crown, was told Happy Birthday by practically EVERY student and faculty there. At lunch they served a birthday cake.

After cake. I went back to my classroom and these were delieved from my secret pal and husband.

Later that day my students enjoyed cupcakes. We ended the day doing my favorite subject:Science!
I came home and took a nap before going to dinner at Zach and Brian's. They cooked me a 2nd birthday dinner! I spent the rest of the evening at home with Trevor, enjoying his last day off work. If my 25th year is anything like the birthday itself, I can't wait!